VOTW: 1982 Interview With Woody Allen On A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy

This fantastic 15 minute interview with Allen was conducted by reporter and critic Bobbie Wygant, who is a bit of a southern belle. It’s wonderful to see Allen both as master filmmaker (as he is by now), but still cheeky and in talk show mode. The interview was done to promote Allen’s latest film, A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy.

There’s plenty of lovely moments. Funniest of all is Wygant complaining about how there’s too many special effects films in 1982 (sound familiar?). There’s also talk of the country, immortality, Bob Hope and more.

The last few minutes if the video also features Wygant recording her reaction shots and questions. It’s great when Allen makes her laugh, and it’s otherwise surreal.

There’s plenty more interviews from bobbiewygant.com, with dozens if not hundreds of film stars.

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