VIDEO: 10 Things About Broadway Danny Rose – Trivia, Locations, Cameos, Music And More

We are continuing our video series, looking back at every Woody Allen film. We reach our 12th, Broadway Danny Rose, and that killer run of 80s films that feature Mia Farrow. For us, it has all the hallmarks of a perfect Allen film.

But how well do you know it?

We dig into:

  1. Allen’s manager and musical act who inspired the story
  2. Those fantastic comics from another generation
  3. Nick Apollo Forte
  4. The song Agita
  5. Just some of the others who auditioned for Lou
  6. The inspiration for Mia Farrow’s character
  7. How Allen calls this his Italian film
  8. The cameo that’s tied to Allen’s favourite Pizza place
  9. The fantastic art deco Waldorf Astoria
  10. And, of course, the Woody Allen sandwich.

We go in depth with this film in our book. You should check it out. Volume 3 is coming soon.

Make sure to check out our YouTube channel as well, to see all our previous videos, including our last one, on Zelig.

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