Woody Allen 2017 Film: Kate And Justin In Brooklyn Park, Staten Island


Woody Allen’s 2017 film is a week into production. The last couple of days has seen production move off the beach, to a park in Brooklyn. We finally see Justin Timberlake in a second outfit, and more of Kate Winslet.

The Daily Mail reports that production moved to a Brooklyn Park although no further location detail. Timberlake dumps the lifesaver outfit, but wears a t-shirt that just screams ‘I’m still a lifesaver everyone’.

Production is moving to Staten Island. Allen was spotted at a local restaurant. They are apparently moving to South Beach for further shooting. SIlive had more details.


Interesting that the article, they claim a location in Annie Hall in the LA was actually shot in Staten Island. We’re not sure about this at all, but maybe one of our readers might have more information?

One more thing. We wanted to figure out exactly where on the beach the production has been filming. Photos below give us some clue.


That red tower definitely makes it Coney Island. It’s an old amusement, a Parachute Jump.


Buildings behind are West 22nd Street.


So that’s where we are. Coney Island beach, near W 22nd St.

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