Magic In the Moonlight Wk8: $18m Box Office, Firth and Stone Interviews, Behind The Scenes Pics


8 weeks into the release of Magic In the Moonlight, the new film written and directed by Woody Allen. A very light week with no new markets reporting, but i passes the $10m mark in the US.

Magic In the Moonlight‘ has earned $18,182,345 worldwide. The US is by far the leader (which is generally quite unusual for Allen) with $10m. Australia passes $2m, followed by Poland ($1.3m) and Brazil ($1.1m).

It finally falls out of the US top 20, coming in at number 21 this week (a drop from 17). It is now Allen’s 25th most successful film in the US, overtaking Everyone Says I Love You and trailing Stardust Memories. It should edge into the 20 before it’s run is over.

Next week we should get results from a big market in the UK, as well as Ireland, Hong Kong and Slovenia. It’s then pretty quiet until France releases on 22nd October.

Total Film has scored an exclusive with a number of behind the scenes images, which we’ve used above and below.


Our favourite is the one with the very modern van in the background.

Finally, more videos from Colin Firth and Emma Stone‘s European press junket have emerged.

Harper’s Bazaar has a video, with Firth and Stone both being charming and hilarious.

Firth on Allen.

[Woody Allen] is shy and withdrawn, and I didn’t get to know him very well, but when he did come out of his tent and give his notes they were extensive and articulate and generous.

He was also funny – not because he was cracking jokes – but because of little throw-away comments he would make in mock despair… It was a lively atmosphere.

Can’t embed so click through for the video.

The Guardian also has an interview with the pair. Both of them were introduced to Ingmar Bergman from Allen films.

Click through again for the video.

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