VOTW: That 70’s Show Annie Hall Parody

This week we saw the film ‘22 Jump Street‘ and it was hilarious. It is packed with jokes, and even includes a homage to Annie Hall, played for both laughs and emotional impact. It made us think of other parodies of famous Woody Allen scenes. There are dozens, and we might as well start collecting them all.

This week we chose this scene from ‘That 70s Show‘. The scene stars Topher Grace and Laura Prepon. Grace does a lovely, subtle impression.

Do you have a favourite Woody Allen reference or parody from a film or a TV show? Let us know and we will make a future VOTW.

(If anyone can upload the lobster scene from ‘The Simpsons‘ with Fat Tony and one of Marge’s sisters, that would be awesome. We will post the ‘22 Jump Street‘ one as soon as it hits the web too…)

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