Woody Allen 2017 Film: First Look At Red Haired Kate Winslet With Justin Timberlake


Production has begun on Woody Allen’s 2017 Film. Taking place around Brooklyn (and the 1950s), we’ve seen Justin Timberlake and Juno Temple. We now have pics of star Kate Winslet, with red hair. Daily Mail had pics.

Winlset shot scenes with and without Timberlake. Timberlake had an awesome hat. Winslet was sporting red hair, very different from her look in the recent (and wonderful) film The Dressmaker, which just opened in the US.

Not much new information, we’re still on Coney Island, and no sign of Temple. Timberlake is being a gentleman, holding the umbrella. Maybe not a stretch to imagine some romantic tension between these characters.

This is Winslet’s first time working with Allen. They almost worked together for both Celebrity and Match Point and almost 20 years later, it looks like it will finally happen.

More news as it happens.


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  1. You know what rain means in a Woody film? It means the two protagonists give in to their feelings, or their taboo desires. Usually it means the two reveal, or “consummate”, their feelings for each other with a healthy bit of lip banging. Kate’s splendid low-cut decolletage on her outfit whispers that love is in the air!!!!! . . . . but then again, the rain drop looking things could just be water splashing up from the waves. :o)

    GO WOODY!!!!!!!!

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