Café Society Wk8: $25.9m Global Box Office, South Korean Embassy, Chanel,


Café Society is the latest film written and directed by Woody Allen. It’s currently rolling out across Europe and South America, where it had a strong week in Spain and the U.K. We have a box office update and our usual wrap up of what has gone on in the film’s world.

Café Society has now earned $25,888,595 worldwide.

US leads the charge with $10,754,671. France follows ($7.1m), a new entry with Spain ($2.2m) and Russia ($1.8m). We should see a couple more countries cross the 1 million mark next week.

In the UK, it was Allen’s 4th best performing film and opened at 9th in the box office. Spain it sits at 6 and Argentina at 2.

In the US, it should eventually cross $11m. It has passed both 2015’s Irrational Man and 2014’s Magic In the Moonlight. It is currently sitting as Allen’s 18th highest grossing film although passing Manhattan Murder Mystery‘s $11.3m seems unlikely.

But with the DVD/Blu-Ray release already announced, we are definitely winding down. $35 million is still a good target globally.

This week will see the film released in South Korea. The US Embassy is Seoul actually held a special screening for the film.

Here’s some cool merch from South Korea

Not sure if these posters are real, but they look great.

In other news: The Jewellery Editor has written up a great article about the film’s use of fashion, in particular Chanel. They spoke to costume designer Suzy Benzinger.

I couldn’t really design this film and not address Chanel. In the 20th century, Chanel was the epitome of style, luxury and glamour. If I was to portray Café Society properly I would have to use Chanel. It is a vital part of history.

Allen also used Chanel prominently in Blue Jasmine.

Richard Osman, who we love from Pointless and other things, loved the film.

Allen was recently in Venice promoting the film. The next big country for the film to open is Italy on 29th September.

Another box office update next week!

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