VOTW: Kristen Stewart Talks Café Society And Woody Allen With Canal+


Kristen Stewart is loved in France, and she’s been happily promoting her new film with Woody Allen, Café Society. We got our first official video interview with her now. Stewart spoke to Canal+, about working with Woody and the new film. It’s dubbed in French, but hey, it is still our video of the week.

A big thanks to the big community of Stewart fans online – they are so on it.

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Stewart also appeared on the cover of M magazine (Allen was on the cover last week).

At times, he lets a striking emotion slip through, which is amazing because he’s usually sardonic and not very delicate. When you watch his films, you feel like you’re watching simple entertainment, and then everything slows down and you’re deeply touched. Woody is like his films: a joker, who is very funny on set, who doesn’t give many directions, and then suddenly, something inside of him sweeps everything in his path.

You can read the full interview in English.

There is bound to be so many more interviews and videos coming out of Cannes Film Festival – it starts Wednesday!

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