VOTW: Woody Allen Wishes French American Center 25th Birthday

Woody Allen and France have a special relationship. Not only has Allen made some of of his best work there, his films are box office gold in that country. Those connections meant that Allen took time out of his busy schedule to wish the French American Center a happy 25th birthday.

The centre located in Montpellier is a melting pot for both the French and Americans living there. They offer French and English lessons, as well as many cross cultural events. It was founded in 1991 – so it is 25!

Here’s Allen’s message. It’s our video of the week.

Allen made his 2014 film Magic In the Moonlight in France, and he premiered his 2015 film Irrational Man at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

Pretty cool for Allen to take a break to record this message. He is the in the middle of pre-production on his 2016 Amazon Series, as well as post production on his 2016 film.

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