Diane Keaton Interviews Emma Stone For Interview Magazine


It’s not directly Woody Allen, but it is so Woody Allen-y, we thought it was worth covering. The current issue of Interview magazine features Emma Stone being interviewed by Diane Keaton. They don’t really talk about Allen directly, but naturally he comes up in conversation.

Below are some excerpts. Read the full thing at Interview.

Keaton on moving past the things that made her famous.

STONE: Has that been challenging for you?

KEATON: In some ways. I was 30, I think, when Annie Hall [1977] happened for me. And that changed my life, completely, from that day forward. And so I had to take on those challenges. But for you … I mean, you’re a huge movie star, and you’re only 26. It’s just ridiculous, what you have to grapple with.

They then talk about Charlie Chaplin‘s wonderful ‘City Lights‘.

STONE: It’s the most beautiful thing. I think Woody loves that movie too.

KEATON: Oh, he does.

STONE: The end of Manhattan [1979] feels like that ending.

Light on revelations, but a great read nonetheless.

Stone is starring in the next Allen film, Irrational Man, which will premiere later this week in Cannes. She and Allen are both expected to attend.

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