Irrational Man Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Out Now In US + Release Roundup


Irrational Man, the 45th and latest film written and directed by Woody Allen. Released in July 2015, it is out now in several home formats – Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital, in the US. It is also rolling out around the world.

In the US, the Blu-Ray cover takes its look from the European poster rather than the US one. On special features, there is a short featurette about the LA premiere with stars Joaquín Phoenix, Parker Posey and Emma Stone.

You can buy it now from Amazon US

The US is the biggest country to release the film. Other countries we have dates for:

Turkey – 5th January – buy


Australia – 20th January – buy


Czech Republic – 21st January – buy


UK – 1st February – Amazon UK


France – 17th February – buy (with a slightly different cover design)


Germany – 16th March – buy


Spain (we think?) with no date

Irrational Man

More countries will no doubt follow!

Here’s the trailer for the film.

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  1. Its time to add another one of Woody’s adventures to the vault!!!! Hopefully more classic old-school Woody will be forthcoming in the near future!!!

    GO WOODY!!!!!

  2. I like the French dvd cover best. I also preferred the French trailer. I don’t know who handled the publicity and art direction for the film posters and dvd artwork but it looks as though the French really “got” Irrational Man and knew how to sell it.

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