Irrational Man Wk8: $6.8m Box Office, French Trailer and More


Irrational Man, the latest film written and directed by Woody Allen, is out this week in the UK, having pretty much finished its run in US cinemas. It is rolling out across Europe and other parts of the world. In our usual weekly round-up, we have a box office update.

Irrational Man has now earned $6,770,525 worldwide. The US lead the charge with $3,840,076. Leading the rest of the world is Russia ($581k), Brazil ($529), Greece ($481) and Australia ($333k) (thanks to The Numbers).

In the US, Irrational Man is now Woody Allen’s 35th most successful film. It sneaked past Melinda And Melinda ($3.8m) this week, and it seems impossible that it will surpass Sweet And Lowdown ($4.2m). Unlikely it will even get to $4 million.

Next week will see UK and Ireland figures, which should give the film a significant boost. The film is also set to open in Hungary later this month. The next big country is France, on 14th October.

The French distributor have a different trailer, with some new footage, and way better use of the The Ramsey Lewis Trio‘s ‘The In Crowd‘ (which we just wrote about).

Irrational Man‘ is out now in Greece, and here is their poster. Very strange.


There were also a bunch of new production stills this week, that feature Allen on set with Jamie Blackley, Joaquin Phoenix, Parker Posey and Emma Stone.

That’s it for this week’s update. We’ve updated our Irrational Man film guide with locations and other goodies as well, so check out all our coverage.

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  1. Wow, that is a MUCH better trailer. I don’t speak French, but I don’t have to to know its a far more effective ad campaign than the U.S. one.

  2. I’m dumbfounded as to why this film has sooo much trouble getting traction at the box office. Irrational Man really is a wonderful film. Its a first day bluray purchase for me. Woody has been on a roll lately with his screenplay nominations. Maybe the film can find a broader audience with a possible re-release during award season early next year.

    Doesn’t anyone out there have taste?


  3. The team that put together the French trailer deserve a single-malt Scotch; this take on the film’s essence is soooo much better than the afraid-to-show-anything trailer we got in the U.S.

    Irrational Man is a superb film and I think our esteemed host will change his mind upon another viewing of it. I purposely didn’t go and see it in the theater a third time because I wanted to be dying to see it once it’s released to DVD this December(?).

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