Jesse Eisenberg Talks Upcoming Woody Allen Film


Jesse Eisenberg is out promoting his new film ‘The End Of the Tour‘, a biopic of sorts about David Foster Wallace (played by Jason Segel). In a new interview with, Eisenberg was asked about his role in the upcoming 2016 film from Woody Allen.

CS: Is it true you’re doing another movie with Woody Allen?

Eisenberg: Yeah that’s in August.

CS: How much do you know about those movie before you do them? You’ve worked with him before so there’s maybe less pressure.

Eisenberg: Yeah, they gave me the script for one day so I got to read it. This is like three months ago or so, so I read it for the day and then you show up. A little bit less pressure, exactly. I know what I’m in for, yeah.

Not all actors get a script, which suggests Eisenberg may be the significant lead in the new film. The upcoming film will be Eisenberg’s second with Allen, after To Rome With Love.

Check out the full interview at Coming Soon, where Eisenberg talks about his upcoming co-star Kristen Stewart.

Here’s the trailer for ‘The End Of the Tour‘.


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