Woodywatch: Interview at Youth America Grand Prix, Il Volo Concert

Woody Allen and his wife Soon-Yi Previn recently attended the Youth America Grand Prix gala, an annual student ballet competition held at the the David H Koch Theater in New York. Whilst there, he made couple of interesting comments picked up by some press.

Women’s Wear Daily got some quotes out of Allen.

On having studied modern dance with Martha Graham:

I was not very good. I was the disgrace of the class. Diane Keaton and I studied for a couple of months. She was quite good, but I was embarrassing.

We idolized Martha so much we wanted to learn how she did it, and what she did, to get closer to her work.

On the potential of the Woody Allen Center:

Yes, but I’ve only seen, you know, lines on the page. I’m not good at that abstract…I can’t figure that out too well. They look like just boxes to me so I can’t tell. But I’m sure they know what they’re doing.

I can visualize a film but I can’t visualize a museum. I have no idea what they’re doing. I’ll just go over and look at it and be amazed or, you know, crushed or I don’t know what. Film is really different psychology or body rhythm, just a different thing. The other is architecture and this is flowing images.

On the 2016 film

I’m just hoping for the best. I can let you in on that.

Page Six asked Allen about using ballet in his films.

After ‘The Red Shoes,’ there’s nothing left to say.

Later that week, he stopped by Le Cirque to watch Il Volo in concert.

Very interesting to see Allen’s comments on the Museum. As usual, his attitude seems to be – whatever, do what you want.

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