VOTW: Woody Allen on Johnny Carson 1965

Johnny Carson and Woody Allen both loved eachother. Carson helped to make Allen a national star, inviting him regularly and even letting him guest host the Tonight Show. Allen for his part always gave Carson his best stuff.

This week’s video is just the two of them having fun. Allen obviously has a prepared story, and that often mimicked delivery is there from day one. Very funny stuff – Allen was at the height of his stand up powers at this point.

Amazing to think, this was half a century ago.

With the new year we are going to start up our videos of the week again – although we might not do every week.

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  1. Enjoyed that video SO much! Happy Birthday Woody. Thanks for always giving me something to laugh about in this crazy world of ours! Your outlook on life is priceless!

  2. Woody massages the audience like a world-class masseur. He’s indomitable. He works the crowd as if he were undressing a beautiful women. Like a truly great comedian he peppers his delivery with a zinger that fetches a good solid chuckle every fifteen to twenty seconds and then he delivers the more uproarious punchline every forty or sixty minutes. His cadence is spot on. Like a Sandy Koufax fastball pitch right down the middle for a strike…Woody delivers every time!!!!

    Wasn’t there a story a year ago or so that Woody was considering going back out on the road for some stand-up. I thought I read that somewhere.

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