2015 Film: Braylin College, Salve Regina, Historic Hill, Chez Pascal


Filming continued this week on the 2015 film written and directed by Woody Allen. As expected, filming took place a Salve Regina University in Newport, with classroom scenes including extras.



Newport Daily News ran a story covering the filming at Salve Regina. It solved one mystery – which University is the film set in? They spoke to Candice Simmons who was a background actor on the shoot.


Although she said she could not reveal details of the script, Simmons did say it apparently is taking place at the fictitious Braylin College, because some extras were given T-shirts with that college name on them.

There’s some nice stuff in the article about how the extras were dealt with and nice insight into these types of films get made. Joaquin Phoenix, Parker Posey and Emma Stone were all spotted.



The full article had big pictures in their print edition too.


Also this week, Allen was spotted near Trinity Church in Newport (on Spring Street).


Stone was again spotted.

Filming also took place in the Historic Hill area of Newport.


Wurst kitchen Chez Pascal has tweeted that their restaurant in Providence will be used on Friday as a location for filming. Which means back to Providence we go.

We’ve heard varying reports of filming wrapping up in mid August, although Allen usually shoots until the end of August, although Allen usually takes all of August. Whatever the case, we will follow along and do our usual wrap up once filming is over.

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  1. I haven’t heard if Colbert is in the movie. But good catch. It does look like him though. It looks like the guy is holding in his right hand down by side one of those cloth fisherman caps that Woody always wears. Maybe Colbert is Woody’s stunt double on this picture or stunt directing double.

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