2016 Film: Jesse and Kristen At Church Of Notre Dame, Brooklyn Shoot


Production on the 2016 Film written and directed by Woody Allen continues. We have a new night shoot in Brooklyn, and more photos from the recent shoot in Morningside Park.

The Morningside Park shoot from earlier in the week – we now have some of the best pics of Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart with Woody Allen. That big building the are in front of is the Church of Notre Dame on Morningside Drive. Stewart is holding a panda for some reason.

Another night shoot occurred, this time in Bushwick, Brooklyn. No stars were spotted but those cool vintage cars came out again.

Finally, also from earlier in the week, a shoot took place in the United Palace Theatre in New York. Some pics of various extras have also hit the net. Amazing costumes from Allen’s regular collaborator, Santo Loquasto.


Overtime we think shooting is over, we get a whole lot more stuff. But shooting is due to finish up in the next few days. There are still a lot of things we don’t know about the new film, a lots of cast members that have not been spotted. Here’s hoping we get more that before production ends.

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