Woody Allen 2015 Film: Filming Moves To Providence


We are three days into the production of the 2015 film written and directed by Woody Allen. And they are doing very little to hide that fact. After very public filming in Newport and Portsmouth, filming moved to Providence.

In particular, they filmed at The Classic Cafe on Westminster St. Again both Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone were spotted. Allen was on set as was his producer/sister Letty Aronson.

GoLocalProv also has a nice gallery on their site.

We also came across a wonderful blog post from an extra, recounting her experience. It’s a fun read, although we learn very little. She does confirm Parker Posey was in the scene. She got to play a professor, and the idea of professors and students seems to be a major part of the film.

Filming is expected to stay in Providence for a little while. We still know very little about the film overall, and it’s extraordinary that the cast has not been officially announced. We will be covering the production as extensively as we can, so stay tuned for more updates.

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    1. No, thank you Mary. We loved it, laughed out loud and loved the energy of it. Maybe we can interview you about your day some time?

  1. It does seem odd that the full cast hasn’t been announced yet. Maybe they are going to drip feed them out? Either that or they are still casting!

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