VOTW: Woody Allen On the South Bank Show 1994

It’s unusually quiet for Woody Allen in June, so we dig back into the past for our VOTW this week. Newly posted on YouTube is the full 50 minute episode of Woody Allen on The South Bank Show, one the UK’s most prominent arts programs. Aired in early 1994 it comes as Allen has finished Manhattan Murder Mystery. Allen sits down for a long revealing interview with Melvin Bragg.

As it’s 1994, the interview features great insight into his split with Mia Farrow. More interestingly are the insights into his own process, his view on autobigraphy and more. It’s also an interesting snapshot of Allen 20 years ago and how little has changed. We even see some footage of Woody Allen’s Monday night jazz performances at Michael’s Pub (and now at the Carlyle Hotel).

The video below in two parts.

Lots of cool moments. That Allen has made so many films in Manhattan that he has sadly lost the need to rhapsodise about it like he did in Manhattan. There’s the origin of the neighbours from ‘Manhattan Murder Mystery‘ and how that murder plot originally came from Annie Hall. The differences between Diane Keaton‘s and Farrow’s acting style.

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