New Poll: What Is Your Fave Gordon Willis Films (And Your Fave Sharon Stone Films)

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It’s time for a new poll, as we wrap up our old one. It’s our chance to find out what films are loved by Woody Allen films. Our new poll pays tribute to Gordon Willis, the master cinematographer who worked with Woody Allen on eight films, who passed away last month. He also worked on many other classics. We want to know which ones you love.

Your choices are: ‘All The President’s Men‘, ‘Klute‘, ‘The Money Pit‘, ‘The Parallax View‘, ‘Pennies From Heaven‘ and ‘Presumed Innocent‘.

Once again we are excluding ‘The Godfather‘ films – we assume those films would win the poll easily.

Vote below. You have a couple of weeks or so.

We also wrap up our last poll – what is your fave Sharon Stone film? She is currently starring with Woody Allen in John Turturro‘s Fading Gigolo. Here’s your top three.

Casino‘ came out on top with 42% of the vote. Directed by Martin Scorsese, this 1995 blockbuster also starred Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci.

Basic Instinct‘ came in second with 33%. Directed by Paul Verhoeven, it was Stone’s breakout role and co-starred Michael Douglas. James Rebhorn (Shadows And Fog) also appeared.

The Muse‘ surprisingly and wonderfully came in third with 12% of the vote. Directed and starring Albert Brooks, it also features Andie MacDowell and Jeff Bridges. Brooks is one of our favourite writer/directors and like Allen, one of the best one liner guys in the business. The film also features Rob Reiner (Bullets Over Broadway).


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