VOTW: Woody Allen 1967 Interview At the Bitter End

Our video of the week captures an interview with Woody Allen in 1967. Held at The Bitter End, the classic folk and comedy club in New York, and recorded for television, it features Woody Allen talking about his stand up.

The host is Fred Weintraub and it starts with Woody Allen meeting the first guest, Playboy Playmate Surrey Marsh. It’s then a one-on-one with Allen, talking about various experiences with audiences, sex and more.

The Bitter End is where Allen got started as a stand up comic, and it’s nice to see Weintraub, the original owner of the club giving him praise. The club was crucial to the early careers of hundreds of entertainers, from Billy Crystal (Deconstructing Harry) to Bob Dylan. They also mention briefly that Allen has just starred in his first film, What’s New Pussycat?.

Once again, we love how natural and quick witted Woody Allen is in front of an audience. In the age of so many late night talk shows, how great would it be to see Allen back on the circuit, being interviewed by someone like Stephen Colbert?

Allen has been making mumblings about returning to stand up. Let’s hope that happens one day.

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