VOTW: Woody Allen On the Andy Williams Show 1965

Andy Williams passed away a couple of weeks ago, losing his fight with bladder cancer. He is perhaps best known as a singer, having many hits including ‘Moon River‘ and our personal favourite ‘Music to Watch Girls By‘.

Williams also hosted his own show, ‘The Andy Williams Show‘, for almost ten years. Woody Allen was one of a parade of stars to guest on his show.

The video is filmed around 1965 (they mention What’s New, Pussycat?), and as with keeping in with the era, the casual conversation seems painfully scripted. Allen tells a couple of jokes from his stand up, and Williams gives a painful segueway. But it’s still a bit of fun and why is Williams wearing a green tracksuit?

It’s all a bit of fun, and worth it just to see Andy William’s laugh.

RIP Andy Williams.

(Excuse the terrible watermark)

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