VOTW: Bobby Cannavale And Andrew Dice Clay Extended Interview

Huffington Post has managed to grab a lengthy, extended interview with Bobby Cannavale and Andrew Dice Clay, two of the stars of Blue Jasmine. It was a Q&A with Rob Feld, held after a screening of the film for award season voters.

We haven’t heard much from Cannavale, so it’s refreshing to hear from him. His audition story, his letter from Woody, and he also mentions being offered the Bullets Over Broadway Musical! Is that a scoop? He would make a great Cheech.

Dice Clay is as funny as usual, full of anecdotes. He’s been very happy to do lots of interviews to promote the film, and seems so grateful to be given this chance.

What is funnier is how both men slide into Allen impersonations when quoting him.

It’s also clear that Sony Pictures Classics is making an awards run, as expected. It will be a busy period of campaigning for the end of the year, with the Best Actress nod for Cate Blanchett being the favourite.

(The story’s title, the Adventures of Cannavale And Dice Clay, is a nice play on our favourite book, ‘The Amazing Adventures of Cavalier And Clay‘ by Michael Chabon)

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