Princeton University To Showcase Woody Allen’s Scripts, Drafts And More


Princeton University in New Jersey has officially announced a new collection of Woody Allen’s papers on display. It coincides with an appearance by Allen on October 27.

The papers will be displayed at the Firestone Library. According to the Princeton Blog, the papers are on display from 21-28 October, but they will live on their archives thereafter.

Scripts on display include

What’s New, Pussycat?
Annie Hall
The Purple Rose of Cairo
Hannah and Her Sisters
Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Midnight in Paris

Not just the finished scripts, but various drafts will be on hand.

Allen has been donating his papers to Princeton since 1980. Amongst the latest set are drafts and proofs of short stories, essays, plays and more.

Allen is due to appear at the university on the 27th October 2013, to discuss the papers. Tickets are only available to students and friends of the university at this point.

There are bound to be revelations in the papers. Maybe that 3 hour, original Annie Hall where Diane Keaton was just one of many relationship stories is revealed in the papers. If any of you readers go to Princeton, we would love to know!

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  1. This really sucks. How come Woody’s papers aren’t made available to the general public through another more publicly accessible institution? How come only the blue-blooded Ivy League elitists get to view his papers? This is pure fanatical fascism at its worst. Woody should remember is own joke, the one about the moose. Maybe the joke is on us cause when it comes to the real fans wanting to read Woody’s papers-we’re the Berkowitzes. .

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