Woody Allen Jazz Band Returns To The Carlyle This Week for 2013


With production wrapped on his 2014 film and European press completed for Blue Jasmine, Woody Allen is returning to his regular jazz engagement. Starting this week, Woody Allen and the Eddy Davis New Orleans Jazz Band will perform every Monday night at the Carlyle in New York until Christmas.

The band performed for most of 2013, taking a break when Allen went to France. Amazingly, they also did two very special concerts in Lyon and Antibes in July with Allen. But it’s the New York shows that are the hot ticket.

The full dates:

Every Monday Night
9 September 2013 through 16 December 2013

The Carlyle
35 East 76th Street
New York, NY 10021

Cover: $145 per person, $30 drink min ($100 bar + $15 drink min), Premium Seating $195 per person

Pricing does not include tax/gratuity.
For information and reservations, call 212.744.1600.

Jerry Zigmont and Conal Fowkes who play in the band, tweeted about the return.


Tickets can sometimes go fast so book early if you’re planning to visit New York.

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  1. This may seem like an odd question, but being that this website is all things Woody, do you have any knowledge that Woody Allen made a brief cameo appearance in the film Kramer vs Kramer? If you have the Kramer vs Kramer bluray, the scene that I am talking about is when Dustin Hoffman’s son has just hurt himself in the park and he’s running across 5th Avenue. Just as Dustin crosses the street, a short distance away there are two gentlemen walking toward the camera. The guy on the left looks just like Woody! He’s rather short. He’s slim. He has red hair and black glasses. It’s at the 47:44 mark. You cant miss it. It looks just like Woody. Just curious.

    1. You know I’ve never seen that film. But I’ll check it out. Such a big name cameo in such a famous film – I think it would have come up?

  2. If you get a chance watch Kramer vs Kramer. It’s a classic. The problem is, in the scene Dustin Hoffman is running, therefore the camera is either on a dolly track or its a Steadicam, but the background is kind of blurry so its not 100% clear. I believe the intersection is at 5th Avenue and East 76th. Yeah the guy in the background looks exactly like him. And keep up the great work on this site. I check it daily. Much thanks!!!! I hope we can get more of Woody’s older films on bluray very shortly.

  3. Can you please tell Mr. Eddy Davis that his nephew Kirk Davis (Ronnie’s son) and his wife Kim will be in New York City on Monday, November 25 and we would love to come see you all perform that evening! Eddy and Kirk have talked via e mail in the last couple of years but we’ve kind of lost track lately. Thank you so much! Kim Davis

  4. Hi, I´m arriving in New York City on January 8, 2014, and I’ll stay just for a week.I’d love to know if there will be a Woody Allen’s show in these days.Best Regards,
    Eduardo Lobato (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  5. Hello,
    I’m going to be in NY from 2nd-7th of January. I’m wondering whether there will be any shows in that period?

    Thank you. Yana Sidorova. Moscow, Russia

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