Blue Jasmine Extras: Dentists, Sunglasses, San Francisco, Makeup, Celebrity Tweets


Blue Jasmine has been out for two weeks, and we’ve been covering some of the many, many reviews and articles covering its release. Many tread familiar ground, but a handful have taken interesting angles on the new film. Here are some extras – from the reactions from the dental community to Blanchett’s sunglasses.

The dental community is apparently unhappy with Blue Jasmine. In the film, Michael Stuhlbarg portrays a slightly creepy dentist, and it appears to have joined a long line of films that have portrayed dentists badly. NY Daily News has the story.

New York Dentist Lawrence Spindel was quoted in the story.

Despite the relentless showbiz ridicule, dentistry is doing just fine. The profession ranked No. 1 in U.S. News & World Report’s list of the 100 best jobs in 2013, Spindel points out in his blog. It’s ironic, he says, considering that on film and TV “when a woman falls in love with the wrong guy, he’s usually a dentist.”

Oculum on Facebook has worked out what glasses Cate Blanchett wears in the film. One by Marc Jacobs (MMJ 351/s) and one by Prada (PR 170). Both cost a lof money.

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San Francisco Magazine has been looking for the True Jasmine. Woody Allen presented one tale of relocation, but they’ve compiled a few more to give some…balance. Check out some of the tales of the True Jasmines over on their site.

So, Woody, despite our distance from Park Avenue and your conceptions about our rent, San Francisco is no Jersey. And according to our True Jasmines, its not exactly Manhattan, either. That sounds like the point. Despite the instinct for analogy and comparison, SF and NY might turn out to be different places. “If you can’t fall in love here,” says one of Woody’s San Franciscans, “you can’t fall in love anywhere.” Here’s hoping that much about San Francisco is true, whatever the hell it means.

San Francisco Magazine also has an article by ‘Blue Jasmine’ makeup artist Gretchen Davis. she wrote about working with Allen.

Once upon a time, working with Woody Allen was an unreachable fantasy for me. I run the makeup department for films and TV shows that shoot in the Bay Area, and Woody hasn’t shot a frame of film here since sideburns were considered acceptable facial hair.

It’s not easy to take one of the most beautiful actresses in the world and make her look like a mess. Each morning in the makeup and hair trailer, we would talk with Cate about what look she should have. What was her character wearing? Was she in a downward spiral? Was she delusional? Was she trying to change her new beau’s perception of her? We often started with a blank canvas, applying her Chanel makeup as a woman with money might do herself. As Jasmine spins more out of control, I smudged, smeared, and removed her makeup according to how her mental state was changing in each scene. Hair would flip back and forth. We’d experiment with different colors, products, and hair designs.

Check out the full article. It’s pretty great.

Finally, plenty of fellow actors and celebrities have been weighing in on their opinions of ‘Blue Jasmine’ on twitter.

If you’ve seen anymore celebrity tweets or interesting articles, let us know!

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