Blue Jasmine Update: New Images, Swedish Poster, Reviews, Hong Kong

Blue Jasmine, the new film from Woody Allen, opens in just over three weeks in the US. We now have more official images, including a poster from Sweden. Plus more positive chatter coming in from social media and a Hong Kong release date.

Firstly, the official site has updated it’s gallery, adding five new photos we have not seen before.

Alec Baldwin and Cate Blanchett


Sally Hawkins and Bobby Cannavale


Bobby Cannavale



Woody Allen directing with Blanchett and our first look at Alden Ehrenreich (and some really excellent Directors Point At Things work).

18Cannavale and Woody Allen



More images have appeared from the Swedish distributor Scanbox. They also have their own poster, highlighting San Francisco. Watch out, the images are huge.

Blue Jasmine Poster

Blanchett, Allen and Peter Sarsgaard


Hawkins and Blanchett (in that yellow dress we keep getting a hint of)



Finally, Blanchett on her own.



Speaking of Blanchett, yet another lucky viewer of ‘Blue Jasmine‘ has taken to Twitter to sing her praises. Ken Adams (@taybackx) says

He also praises the film itself, comparing it to the character study of Alice.

Finally, don’t forget our release dates page, where we recently added Hong Kong to the list with a release date of 17th October.

Keep checking in with us, we will be providing the most comprehensive ‘Blue Jasmine‘ coverage on the web.

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