‘Blue Jasmine’ Release Date International And US Cities Round-Up


Blue Jasmine, the new film from Woody Allen, begins it’s prolonged release schedule in July. As is standard now from Allen, a small limited premiere leads to a longer roll out across the world that can sometimes last a year. We have been seeing bits and pieces that are telling us about both the international release dates as well as the cities in the US who have a rolled out release. Here’s all the dates that we’ve collected together, plus some speculation.

We will continue to update this post as we get more information.

26 July 2013 – New York/Los Angeles

This is the international premiere date. ‘Blue Jasmine‘ will open in selected theatres in those two cities, mimicking the release roll out of recent Allen films. Other US cities will roll out shortly after.

2 August 2013 – Canada

Several sources have confirmed Canadian screenings starting 2 August (Film-can.com being one).

2 August 2013 – Norway
7 August – Belgium, Iceland
8 August 2013 – Denmark

These dates are on IMDB

ALL US release dates here.

IMDB lists Greece as just August 2013.

22 August 2013 – Netherlands
23 August 2013 – Sweden
23 August 2013 – Poland

29 August 2013 – Greece, Hungary
30 August 2013 – Finland, Romania
5 September 2013 – Portugal
5 September 2013 – Australia
12 September 2013 – Argentina
25 September 2013 – France
26 September 2013 – Russia
27 September 2013 – UK
11 October 2013 – Brazil
17 October 2013 – Hong Kong
7 November – Germany
22 November 2013 – Spain
5 December 2013 – Italy

Major markets still missing

Further afield, New Zealand and Japan are usually not quick off the mark and we can expect a wait go these to hit cinemas. Japan has yet to see To Rome With Love!

More release dates as we get them. If you have a tip let us know!

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