Fading Gigolo Update: First International Release Dates, Parker Block

Woody Allen and Vanessa Paradis in ‘Fading Gigolo’

It has been a few weeks since we’ve heard anything about Fading Gigolo, the upcoming film written and directed by John Turturro and starring Woody Allen. We now have a couple of international release dates, and it looks like we will definitely see the film in 2013. We also have confirmation of another addition to the cast.

First the release dates. IMDB has a number of countries listed in their release dates:

Argentina – 5 September 2013
Denmark – 7 November 2013
Sweden – 15 November 2013

We can speculate that the film will see a release at the very end of the year, and rolled out in a limited fashion that might take it into 2014. Turturro had troubles getting ‘Romance And Cigarettes‘ distributed in the US, despite a more visible cast. It will also give ‘Blue Jasmine‘ plenty of room to roll out over August and September. That said, Allen has his large European fanbase, and it is the only film in 2013 that stars Allen.

Parker Block
Parker Block

The other bit of ‘Fading Gigolo‘ news we have reveals another cast member – Russian actress Parker Block. She spoke to Examiner about her role in the film.

Coming soon you’ll appear on the big screen in John Turtorro’s “Fading Gigolo… What can you tell us about your role?

My most intense experience was working on John Turturro’s film “Fading Gigolo,” which stars Woody Allen. I have a scene with John, where we both recognize we are in “the oldest profession in the world”; he is a Gigolo meeting Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergara’s characters for a threesome and I’m a Russian prostitute trying to seduce him. We shot it in the pouring rain on the street in front of the Carlyle, where John had to act and direct at the same time. It was the last scene of the day, with loud buses and noisey people on the street; and we did take after take just trying to get clear sound. It got very tense until the point where we just decided to use everything around us to make it funny — it was a blast!

We eagerly await more new on ‘Fading Gigolo‘, and will keep you informed! Check out all our previous stories on Fading Gigolo.

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