Casting By Documentary At LAFF In June, HBO in August


Casting By, a new documentary about the art of casting, has announced some pretty big release dates. The film, which features Woody Allen amongst its many talking heads, will see its biggest film festival showing to date, and finally a wide TV premiere.

Casting By has been doing the rounds of film festivals for months, but in June it will be screened as part of the Los Angeles Film Festival (LAFF). It will screen twice – 15th June and 20th June.

Tickets go on sale 21st May and available from LAFF.

This leads into its wide release on HBO. Premiering on 5th August, it is the first American wide release of the film. Hopefully, this will lead into ways of seeing the film internationally.

The film tells the story of Marion Dougherty, a renown casting director, and discusses her contribution, and all casting director’s contributions, to the great films. Check out the trailer.

Woody Allen’s history of casting mainly involves his decades long relationship with Juliet Taylor, who learnt her trade from Dougherty. He’s been able to cast some of the biggest name actors at the height of their fame to work for scale. He was interviewed and appears in this film along with a wide array of other film talent.

HBO has a new promo for their season of documentaries that you can watch if you’re in the right country.

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