The Woody Allen Pages Turns One

We are one years old today! We started this wee website a year ago because it was something we wanted to see ourselves. We love similar pages for other directors, but there was no site for Woody Allen. It was also time to go back through Allen’s films.

So for a full year, we’ve posted over 200 times, trying our best to keep you up to date with everything Woody Allen. We have been writing reviews for all of the films we’ve rewatched (and are currently up to Celebrity). We had a scoop with the name of Blue Jasmine, and trawled social media for all the pics from the set. We also interviewed some nice people with Allen projects. We’ve also had some lovely comments from our readers.

This is a one man operation. And we are still learning what works and what doesn’t. So on our one year anniversary, we’d love to ask you – what do you want to see on The Woody Allen Pages? New columns? A forum? Fix the location map? Buy links?Please let us know your ideas.

The best way to help us is to share our stories. We are on Facebook and Twitter, so follow us and sharing what we have helps us get out there, and become more visible. If you’d really like to help, we have decided to set up a PayPal account for donations.

We have plenty of ideas. We want to blast through all his films, and then start talking more about some of the actors, soundtracks, books and more. We want to interview anyone who has ever worked on an Allen film or project, no matter how small. But one step at a time.

Thanks for supporting us throughout the year. This next year will be very exciting again, with Blue Jasmine, Fading Gigolo, Bullets Over Broadway Musical and the filming of the 2014 film in France. It will be another busy one!

Thanks everyone who visited our little hobby, or said something nice. It means a lot to us.

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  1. Thank you so much for this amazing website! For all the years that I have been a Woody Allen I have scoured the internet for recent news and updates on his upcoming films. I have wanted to see a website like this since I began tracking Woody’s films on the internet back in 2000! (My God!)

    You have an amazing thing here, and I hope to see it flourish as time goes on!

  2. Long life to The Woody Allen Pages! Seriously, Danny, good work!

    The only thing I would suggest is this: since this is a one man operation, it would be interesting for you to develop a more distinct voice (to occasionally drop the “we”) and get your readership closer to your passion for Woody Allen’s work. Not necessarily on the news tidbits, but on your reviews we could use a little bit more of Danny himself.

    Or maybe that’s just me being nitpicky.

    Looking forward to another great year at TWAP.

    PS. Here’s Blue Jasmine’s poster!

    It seems they’re confident with Blanchett’s performance, confident enough to give her a full poster with her awesome face and striking blue eyes.

    1. Thank Billy. The hope one day is for this to not be a one man job, but I get what you mean. Maybe I’ll try something more personal and see how that feels. Thanks for your support mate!

    2. I’m actually on holidays and the last couple of weeks of posts have been done on just an iPad (thank you technology). But that huge poster link is finally too much. Argh

  3. Congratulations, Danny –as labors of love go, this one is wonderfully executed; smartly written & organized & chock full of all things Woody. And a one-person operation to boot! impresive. Have you tried for an interview with him? He’s not as inaccessible as you might think ( I know this from my magazine days), particularly when it comes to promoting a new release. Try his publicists (if you haven’t already), or go through the back door by contacting Tony Roberts (his buddy at Knick games) or Eric Lax, and use the site as a calling card. Woody’s idiosyncratic & unpredictable enough to possibly give you a few minutes. Fresh reporting added to what the site already has (I especially like the vintage videos) would add, I think, even further value to the site. Also, you might try and get reprint permission of some of his earlier writings that your readers might like; stuff like the Tikkun letter that tells a good deal about Woody’s Jewish identity. Anyway, you should be proud of your accomplishment – it’s infinitely more than just another fanzine site and the reason why it’s getting the attention of some in the entertainment business. Continued good luck,.

  4. Hi Alan. Thought about it and I’m not ready. I want to interview anyone who’s ever worked on a Woody Allen film, in front or behind the camera. Something to focus on for year 2? But yeah…you’re not supposed to meet your heroes. I would have no idea what to ask.

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