Fading Gigolo Update: Westsider Books, Paradis’s Shoe, Stone In Red, Lots More Vergara

Not much in Fading Gigolo land this week. We are wrapping up the last of the filming news we have. A full wrap up of everything we know about the film coming soon. Here’s the news.

Westsider Books was transformed last week for the filming. Located on 80th and Broadway in Manhattan, it was turned into ‘M. Schwartz & Sons Rare and Used Books‘. It’s the bookstore owned by Murray, Allen’s character, which is going out of business. Thanks to Westside Rag for the pic and the news.

Sharon Stone was snapped during filming, this time in a new red dress.

Daily Mail caught some pics of Vanessa Paradis losing her shoe while running to a night shoot.

Finally, lots more shots of Sofia Vergara has surfaced on the web. Especially the shots through a window of her in a bra. MSN has some. Stone was also in the scene, and there’s plenty of attention grabbing headlines about a lesbian sex scene!

Not much more to report on ‘Fading Gigolo‘, and we imagine production has either headed indoors, or more likely taking a Christmas break.

Fading Gigolo is written directed and stars John Turturro (Hannah And Her Sisters) and set for a 2013 release.

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