Woody Allen on the Simpsons Season Premiere And Full History Of Appearances

The Simpsons premiered their 24th(!) season last week and it featured a cameo from Woody Allen. It is one of many times Allen has been portrayed or referenced in the long running show. We have all the details on the new appearance and a full history of all the old ones.

When the Simpsons first premiered, Crimes And Misdemeanors was in cinemas – 24 Woody Allen films ago. It is an television institution – a consistent source of comedy and entertainment.

Allen is one of hundreds of celebrities that have been portrayed in the Simpsons. On this week’s season premiere, ‘Mooshine River‘, Allen appeared again. This time as part of a group New York icons, dancing to a song.

Fellow director and NY icon Spike Lee is part of the group. The rest look like generic New York stock characters – but maybe not? And that’s Mary Spuckler with the guitar, voiced by Zooey Deschanel.

It’s not the first time he’s appeared. Here’s every Woody Allen reference we could find. With help from two great Simpsons resources – Simpsons Wiki and Wiki Simpsons.

The Front (1993)

The episode title is a tribute to the film The Front that stars Woody Allen with the same name. Both are about screenwriting, and staying honest.

A Star Is Burns (1995)

McBain does Woody Allen.

A Milhouse Divided (1996)

Woody Allen was mentioned, in a sideways way, in the season 4 episode – A Milhouse Divided. It was in a dinner party conversation about a ‘Woodsy Allen’.

The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson (1997)

Woody Allen appears in a flashback, with a young Homer visiting NY. Allen dumps trash on him from out a window.

Thirty Minutes over Tokyo (1999)

Woody Allen appears in the season 10 episode where the Simpsons visit Japan. Woody Allen appears filming a commercial for the Japanese market. Like this one, perhaps?

A Hunka Hunka Burns In Love

Woody Allen appears as a fortune teller writer!

The Bart Wants What It Wants (2002)

The title is a play on the Woody Allen-ism ‘The heart wants what the heart wants’.

Moe Baby Blues

Moe tells Maggie the story of The Godfather, but uses a doll named Annie Hall to describe Diane Keaton‘s character.

Any Given Sundance (2008)

Woody Allen appears with Sun-Yi, winning many awards.

The Real Housewives Of Fat Tony (2011)

When Fat Tony and Selma courts, they parody the lobster scene from ‘Annie Hall‘.

That’s all we could find. Any we missed? There most be dozens more.

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