To Rome With Love European DVD Release Dates, Box Office Surpasses $70m

Woody Allen’s 2012 film To Rome With Love is wrapping up it’s worldwide cinema run. Which means next is DVD, and a bunch of markets have announced DVD release dates. ‘To Rome With Love‘ wraps it’s cinema run by surpassing another milestone – now grossing $70 million worldwide.

Italy will be the first market to release, with Amazon Italy listing DVD and Blu-Ray releases for 7th November 2013.

Amazon Italy – DVDBlu-Ray

Amazon France has listed a 5th December 2012 release date for both the DVD and the Blu-Ray.

Amazon France – DVDBlu-Ray

Amazon UK is listing a 11th February 2013 release date for the DVD. No Blu-Ray.

Amazon UK – DVD

Amazon Germany lists a 31st May 2013 release date (that’s a long tim away, no?), for DVD and Blu-Ray

Amazon Germany – DVDBlu-Ray

No release dates yet for other major markets, such as US, Canada or Australia. As is standard with Allen’s DVDs, we expect no special features or commentaries of any kind.

To Rome With Love‘ has also reached another box office milestone. It has surpassed $70 million in it’s worldwide box office – taking in $10 million in the last month. It’s current takings stand at $70,127,773 – well above profit for Allen. We predict that the next milestone – $80 million – is out of reach, with many markets ending their cinema run.

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