VOTW: Tony Scott Directed Woody Allen Commercial

We were sad to hear that director Tony Scott passed away on 19th August, 2012, in an apparent suicide. The much respected director specialised in action films. He will go down in history as the director of ‘Top Gun‘. He also has such hits as ‘Days Of Thunder‘, ‘Beverly Hills Cop 2‘, ‘Enemy Of the State‘ and the recent ‘Unstoppable‘ next to his name. Our favourite Tony Scott film is ‘The Last Boy Scout‘. He is also the brother of Ridley Scott.

You’d think that a director with that resume would have little in common with Woody Allen. If there’s one genre absent from Allen’s large filmography, it’s action. Yet there is a strange connection between the two men.

In 2000, Tony Scott was commissioned to make two commercials for Telecom Italia. The stars of the two commercials were Marlon Brando and Woody Allen. We’ve not been able to find a video of the Brando commercial (although a screenshot is on this site), but glorious YouTube has the Woody Allen one.

It’s a nice snapshot of Woody Allen, in full neurotic persona, dealing with the prospect of the future.

RIP Tony Scott.

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