VOTW: Woody Allen on David Blaine: Real Or Magic

Woody Allen was one of the array of stars to appear in the new special from magician and illusionist David Blaine – called ‘Real Or Magic‘ – which aired on ABC this week. Allen has a keen interest in magic, and the two of them ended up in Allen’s bathroom for the trick.

The trick he chose for ‘his hero’ Allen to participate in was a water spouting. The video follows Blaine’s journey to learn the ability. He then manages to swallow and regurgitate live fish in front of Woody Allen. Blaine himself notes that Allen is a famous germophobe.

We liked the ‘Real Or Magic‘ speacial, but Allen’s appearance was not one of the highlights unfortunately. But it’s worth considering that Allen is still a big superstar name in a prime time special.

Here’s a better clip from special, featuring huge Allen fan Ricky Gervais.

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  1. Interesting. Definitely an impressive display. There are those people who can train themselves to consume food in various forms and then regurgitate it moments later. Prostitutes and supermodels do it all the time. What would have really been magic would be if Blaine could have swallowed the fish, and instead of regurgitating them, he could have taken them thru his entire digestive track, culminating in him shitting out two freshly prepared Gorton’s Fish Sticks. Now that would have been magic. Pass the tartar sauce.

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