VOTW: Play It Again, Sam Trailer

Woody Allen is a couple of weeks into filming his latest, as-yet-untitled film in San Francisco. He has been spotted in public many times, with the city being very excited about having the director in town.

It is not the first time Allen has been in a film shot in San Fran. His first film, Take The Money And Run was filmed there. And so was Play It Again, Sam.

Play It Again, Sam is peculiar in Allen’s filmography. Allen did not direct the film (Herbert Ross took that honour), but he did write and star in it. It has his fingerprints all over it, but it’s got a completely different feel. It is just about as close to being a Woody Allen film without being a Woody Allen film. It is also the first time that Allen and Diane Keaton appeared on screen together.

In honour of Allen’s time in San Francisco, here’s the Play It again, Sam trailer.

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