Annie Hall Declared Allen’s Best by Sight & Sound Critic’s Poll

Sight & Sound revealed the a number of lists last week – Greatest Films as voted by critics and by directors. No Woody Allen films made the critic’s 50, or the director’s 10. But Sight & Sound has now published the voting from all 800+ critics. A number of Woody Allen films have made the full list.

According to critics, the very best Woody Allen film is Annie Hall. It comes in at 127th best film of all time, and voted for by 13 critics.

Manhattan came in at 202nd, with 8 votes.

The Purple Rose Of Cairo came in at 323rd, with 5 votes.

Crimes And Misdemeanors came in at 377th, with 4 votes.

Hannah And Her Sisters came in at 447th, with 3 votes.

Both Stardust Memories and Zelig came in at equal 588th, with 2 votes each.

Both Match Point and Husbands and Wives came in at equal 894th, with 1 vote each.

It’s a shame that Woody Allen did not score higher with critics – they usually love him. The list is very much on point with public perception. Annie Hall and Manhattan are always considered Allen’s best. The others are all highly respected. Interesting to see how few of these films are comedies.

You can explore the full list at Sight & Sound.

Next week Sight & sound will release the full Director’s list, which included Woody Allen’s own picks.

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