2013 San Francisco Update – Photos, Stars, Distributor And More

Woody Allen’s next, and still untitled film, is still filming in San Francisco. The filming has been very public, with Woody Allen, the crew, and the stars, taking to the streets. Many of the stars have been spotted this week.

The film has been using the name ‘WASP‘, which some has taken as slang. In fact, it stands for ‘Woody Allen Summer Project‘.

Many Instagram and Twitter users have posted their photos on those networks. One of the very best sets is on Flickr. Thanks to those users below. SfGate has a wonderful gallery as well.

There is really more photos than we can post here (thank you camera phones!), so we will continue to bring you a handful, but we will post new photos on our twitter.

Location-wise, the most visible filming site was at jeweller Shreve and Company at at the corner of Post Street and Grant Avenue, Union Square. Spotted on this day were Cate Blanchett and Peter Sarsgaard.

With Blanchett being so visible, and her star power, it seems most likely she will be the lead. She’s not known for her comedy, so we conjecture this will be a drama. We won’t know anymore any time soon, as Susannah Greason Robbins, executive director of SF Film Commission, told SF Weekly. “Only the actors get the script,” Robbins said. “We’re given very little information because Woody Allen does keep his storylines very close to his chest.”

We do have a distributor update. Deadline reports that Focus Features International will handle the sales of the film. Focus is one of the great independent film companies, and they handled the sales of ‘To Rome With Love‘.

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