Woody Allen Amazon Series Moves To Briarcliff Manor, NY

Woody Allen is currently in production for his 2016 Amazon Series. Having filmed last week in Manhattan, we are getting reports that the production is moving to Briarcliff Manor, a suburban village in Westchester County, this week.

Briarcliff Manor‘s own website confirms a tip we got from reader Sam. The address of 508 Scarborough Road, in a house also used in the film American Gangster.

The massive house is off the road and very private. They are set to film there for the next three weeks. It’s probably unlikely we will see the stars Rachel Brosnahan, Miley Cyrus, John Magaro, Elaine May or Allen himself.

A big elegant house for a story set in the 1960s. This is starting to look like another costume drama from Allen? We’ll see.

More news as it happens!

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