First Look: Woody Allen And Elaine May On Set In Amazon Series

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Production is underway for Woody Allen’s 2016 Amazon Series. It will be the first series written and directed by Woody Allen, and he is currently shooting in New York. He also stars in the series, and we now have our first look at Allen on set, along with co-star Elaine May.

Not sure what is going on other than the two are walking and talking. May had previously worked with Allen on Broadway, on Relatively Speaking in 2011. She also appeared in the 2000 Allen film Small Time Crooks.

The series is set in the 60s, but the scene and the outfits don’t look particularly, or conspicuously 60s-ish.

Some pics were also shared on social media.

We can’t make out the location, although it looks a little like the area in lower Manhattan around Beekman Street, where we know the production has spent the last couple of days.

As previously reported, we expect production to move to Westchester. No sign of
Rachel Brosnahan, Miley Cyrus or John Magaro in character yet. We’ll be here to report it when it happens.

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  1. Seeing Woody and Elaine together, its like seeing Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in By the Sea. But in Woody and Elaine’s case, because they are filming in Manhattan, its – By the Sea(of buildings). It will be great to see these two comedy juggernauts back on the big screen. I thought Elaine did a stellar job in Small Time Crooks. Ray and May were taking that boat tour of Manhattan and her character reminded Woody’s character that as guys, if we want our ladies to make an effort to keep the relationship spicy, as guys we need to make an effort as well. Both people need to put some energy into the relationship for it to work!!!! Like Frenchy said, “Two people can make it, if the hots are there!!!” It was a charming simple truthful scene.

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