Rifkin’s Festival, the 49th and latest film written and directed by Woody Allen, is finally out on DVD in Spain – the first time it has been released on physical home formats. The film was made in Spain and premiered at the San Sebastián Film Festival last year. But with cinemas around the world still closed, it has only seen sporadic releases in Europe.

The film was released wide in Spain last year. And with the DVD is now out and if you feel like importing it, you can finally watch the film. Of course, no special features are included, and no commentary tracks or anything fun. No word either on a Blu-Ray release.

Buy it now on Amazon Spain.

You can also buy it from Amazon US (note the region stuff).

With lots of films moving to a streaming release, it remains to be seen if Rifkin’s Festival will hit cinemas. Huge territories like France have not announced a release and it seems likely the film will be held back until cinemas can reopen.

It also remains to be seen if Allen will start production on a new film this year, as rumoured.

Here’s the Spanish trailer.

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  1. It is SO tempting to watch this trailer but I must resist. I prefer a total surprise when I finally get to see a new Woody. Thank you though!

  2. Every Sunday night, I end my week by viewing one of Woody’s films. Hopefully a US Blu-ray release is imminent!!

    GO WOODY!!!

    1. I would love to buy this DVD from Spain ( I have a region free DVD player) but can someone confirm if the movie is dubbed in Spanish? If it is, does it have English subtitles?

  3. Hello,

    I just received the DVD from Spain (ordered on Amazon). You can choose English Language Audio (so just the normal way the film was made). Spanish Subtitles run along the bottom. There is options to watch it ‘dubbed’ in Spanish and Castellano as well.

    So it’s all good to order and watch as normal. The seller is great and it took around a month to get to Australia.

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