Jude Law Joins Woody Allen’s 2018 Film

Jude Law has joined Woody Allen’s upcoming, 2018 film. He joins Timothée Chalamet, Elle Fanning and Selena Gomez who have previously been announced. Variety has the scoop.

This will be Law’s first time working with Allen, although he’s no stranger to independent cinema, recently appearing in films such as Side Effects and The Grand Budapest Hotel. As expected, nothing at all was revealed about his role.

We still don’t really know anything about the new film. We’ve heard rumblings that the film is due to start shooting this month, and it will shoot in Allen’s usual New York (Gomez has recently left LA for NY). Nothing else is confirmed, in particular whether its a modern story or not.

A lot more information is due to come, including any other supporting cast, if filming is about to start. We wait for more details.

What do you think of Jude Law?

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  1. Damn Woody is on it!!! Jude is a delightful addition to this cast. Age wise, and experience wise, he’ll bring a little more balance to the cast. He’ll squeeze nicely into Woody’s usually love triangle. I bet he plays the spoiler. Without doubt, British actors tend to bring prestige, intelligence, and earnestness to a picture. Benny Hill is a classic example. This is gonna sound completely outta left field, but I’d like to see Gary Oldman in one of Woody’s film. Gary has without doubt been one of the top actors in the world since JFK!!! He would be an ideal fit in one of Woody’s more serious films.

    GO WOODY!!!!

  2. At a September 7 Toronto Film Festival party, Timothee Chalamet told Jeff Wells of Hollywood Elsewhere that he starts work on the 2018 Woody film, Monday in New York City.

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