Video: 10 Things About A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy – Trivia, Locations, Music And More

Our latest video takes a look at Woody Allen’s 1982 film A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy. It is the start of an unbelievable decade for Allen, the start of ten films for a new studio, and eleven with Mia Farrow.

But how well do you know it?

Our new video explores
1. The play Allen put on a year earlier
2. Allen’s new studio
3. The Ingmar Bergman influence
4. The William Shakespeare influence
5. Mia Farrow‘s first Allen film
6. The dubious Razzie honor
7. The house they built
8. The visit from Dustin Hoffman
9. The score featuring Felix Mendelssohn
10. Tony Roberts

With this, we’ve hit 10 films, and 100 bits of Woody Allen trivia over 10 videos. We have a lot more to go, but we hope you’re enjoying them. And if you are, please make sure to leave a comment and like the videos – every bit helps.

Here’s the last one we did, for Stardust Memories. Check them all out here.

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