Crisis In Six Scenes Interviews With Miley Cyrus, Woody Allen

Crisis In Six Scenes, the first series by Woody Allen, is released later this month. It had a screening in New York this week, and star Miley Cyrus did some separate interviews which are starting to hit online. So here’s our round up.

Miley Cyrus talked to Jimmy Fallon about the series. Fallon has also worked with Allen, in Anything Else. It’s a pretty great interview, and she mentions that Allen was fascinated by her pigs.


Vanity Fair, Cyrus talks about Allen.

What I love about Woody Allen is that he’s never putting anything on. He’s never fake and he’s exactly who he is through and through. For me, I have the highest respect of anyone who is truly themselves. He even runs his set in a way that is truly him. He’s super-resourceful and he’s not over the top. The budget of the movie goes into the project. It doesn’t go into fuckin’ crème brûlée for everybody and a hot tub in your trailer.

It’s for the project. So the styling, the casting, the location, the sets, it’s all the best. He doesn’t use anything that’s luxury and a waste of money, which I really like. I think every set should be like his.”

Allen also enthused about Cyrus.

Miley’s a pleasure to work with. She couldn’t have been better. My kids used to watch that silly little television show that she did. I would walk past the screen and I used to think, Who is that girl? She has a great comic delivery. She’s really wonderful. Years later, she then emerged as a singer and as an actress, and I thought she would be great for this character. I took a chance and hired her.

She exceeded my finest expectations. She’s 100 percent professional. She knows her work and comes in and hits her mark. She’s also sweet to everybody. She poses for pictures and signs all the autographs without complaining. I absolutely enjoyed working with her.

Allen spoke more about the genesis of the project with NY Daily News.

They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse and I did refuse it for a couple of years, but then I couldn’t refuse it because it got better and better.

And there’s the question of whether this is a one off with Amazon.

They have talked about it. I don’t know … this was so hard to do for me that I don’t know if I’d want to do it again. It was very hard.

Cyrus also spoke about the series on the Today show. Big revelation here is that Allen write the role with Cyrus in mind.

And some more videos. Looks like Joy Behar was also there, along with Rachel Brosnahan.

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