Video Essay: 10 Things About…Take The Money And Run by Woody Allen


Our first video essay!

How well do you know Take The Money And Run?

We have been working our way back through Woody Allen’s entire filmography, and we are hoping to add more information and resources to his amazing body of work.

Part 1 is our ebook, The Watcher’s Guide Vol. 1, covering Allen’s first six films. One of the films covered in Take The Money And Run. So we collected together 10 fun things about the film.

1. What does Woody Allen consider to be his first film?
2. The other directors considered for the role
3. The studio that picked up the film
4. How they got into the bank to shoot scenes
5. How they kept track of the prisoners who were extras
6. Mickey Rose, the co-writer
7. Who Allen originally wanted for the female lead
8. The original cinematographer who was fired
9. Ralph Rosenblum saving the day
10. The alternate ending no one has seen

There’s much more about this and other Woody Allen films in The Watcher’s Guide Vol. 1. It’s the first in a series of ebook film guides about every Woody Allen film – the ultimate fan resource.

Let us know what you think of our video essay, and what else you might like to see?

And yes, we will have 10 things for Bananas coming up…

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