Cafe Society Released In France 11th May


Following on from yesterday’s announcement that Woody Allen’s 46th film, Cafe Society, will be the opening film at the 69th Cannes Film Festival, it now seems we have a French release date – the very same date! That’s right – Cafe Society premieres on 11th May at the Cannes Film Festival, and also goes on general release on the same day.

Stephane Celerier, chairman of Mars Distribution, who has handled the last several Allen films in France, tweeted a confirmation. Other outlets are now reporting the date.

It is yet another disruption in Allen’s usually set yearly schedule. France had set an October release date, always giving the US first run. With Cafe Society being snapped up by Amazon, all the rules are being rewritten.

@Mel452 tells us that Cannes opening night films usually open in France on the same day. This was true for Midnight In Paris when it opened Cannes in 2011.

This quick release opens a lot of questions about the US release. Allen usually owns the late July release dates for indie fare, but with the new model, maybe it will move up, meaning it will hit Amazon’s streaming service all the earlier. Midnight In Paris followed an 11th May premiere at Cannes with 20th May US release. And Amazon are surely looking to replicate that film’s success.

FilmNation, who has repped previous Allen films, will handle international sales for the new film. Let’s see how it looks, now all the rules are out the window.

Mars Films also tweeted out the first e-card!

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