2016 Amazon Series: Miley Cyrus And Michael Rapaport Spotted


Michael Rapaport‘s role in the new Woody Allen 2016 Amazon Series was only announced moments before he was spotted on set. There’s now many shots of him in a cop uniform, in a scene with Miley Cyrus.

Rapaport is clearly a cop, and his cool vintage cop car was also on set. It was about the only really vintage thing on set – Cyrus looks pretty normal in casual jeans and top. Allen was also spotted.

The Daily Mail seem to think this was a kidnapping scene. There was also a scene shot in the woods.

More than pictures, there’s also video of the filming online now, in a scene shot days ago with John Magaro.

Two or so weeks into the six week production now, and we are starting to see more cast members and get a better sense of the story.

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