Annie Hall Tops WGA Funniest Screenplay List, 7 Allen Films On List


Annie Hall has topped a prestigious new list. The Writers Guild Of America have announced their list of 101 Funniest Screenplays. Woody Allen’s 1977 classic with Diane Keaton tops the list. Allen had more films on the the list than any writer with seven.

The award was presented by Rob Reiner (who appeared in Bullets Over Broadway) in an event in Hollywood. Allen, of course, was not in attendance. The list was voted for by the members of the guild.

Here are the Allen films that made the list.

Annie Hall‘ topped the list, the award going to both Allen and his co-writer Marshall Brickman.

Sleeper, another co-write with Brickman, was number 60.

Bananas, co-written with Mickey Rose, was number 69.

Take the Money And Run, co-written by Rose with a story by Jackson Beck, number 76.

Love And Death comes in at 78.

Manhattan, co-written with Brickman, at 81.

Broadway Danny Rose at 92.

The list is, of course, fantastic. 101 fantastic American comedies, dozens of our absolute favourites on it. But it is a big win for ‘Annie Hall‘, 38 years after it was made. It is still considered one of the greatest comedies ever, and its reputation has not waned. A great placing for ‘Sleeper’, and rightly for this list, it is Allen’s joke packed early work that is considered his out and out funniest.

Find the full list at the WGA website.

Allen has won five Writers Guild Of America Awards over the years, the latest being in 2011 for Midnight In Paris. Which is a good time to point to our revamped Awards page, with awards won from Allen’s films.

Here’s the trailer to ‘Annie Hall‘.

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  1. Woody’s The Champ!!!! Annie Hall is well deserved at number one. In the category of funniest screenplays, I thought Manhattan, and especially Broadway Danny Rose would have placed higher, much higher. I begin each day by saying my three S’s “Star! Smile! Strong!” And my parrot begins each day by singing, “I’VE GOTTA BE ME!!!!!!”

    To me the great thing about Annie Hall, Manhattan, and Broadway Danny Rose is how Woody (and Marshall in Annie Hall and Manhattan) tidied-up those screenplays so nicely in the third act. You really feel for those characters. Their experiences of triumph, lose, uncertainty, temptation, and misguided behavior are universal in relationships. Like Woody says in Stardust Memories, relationship success is really about luck – and we all need those eggs!!! We need to take a chance on those experiences to connect with another person to give our lives meaning. If things don’t work out, its okay. You move on. No hard feelings. Its about acceptance, forgiveness, and love. And that is the great philosophy of life.

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