2016 Film: Stewart, Carell, Eisenberg At Edison Ballroom, Conal Fowkes and More

Shooting continues on Woody Allen’s 2016 Film in New York City. The production moved to the Edison Ballroom on 47th Street in Manhattan. The three primary stars were spotted – Kristen Stewart, Steve Carell and Jesse Eisenberg.

The Edison Ballroom is a glamorous space that opened in the 1930s, the era when the new film is set. Carell and Stewart were both spotted in glamorous outfits, suggesting this is some big party. The crew set up big trucks out front, where the actors were spotted.

Lots of fan tweets with the stars.


There are a couple of special guests in this scene. First is Manzie Allen, Woody Allen’s daughter, who took a photo of herself with Carell.



Kenneth Edelson also posted about his appearance. Edelson is an old friend of Allen’s and has appeared in 18 of Allen’s films, usually as dinner party guests or some other background character. He first appeared in Alice, and last appeared in Magic In The Moonlight.


Conal Fowkes also tweeted that he was part of today’s filming. Fowkes is the piano player in Woody Allen’s jazz band, and has appeared on many of Allen’s soundtracks (although he hasn’t actually appeared onscreen in an Allen film). Fowkes alludes to Blake Lively being on set. What do we think – is Lively the singer in some glamorous 30s big band? Is this film going to have a cracking hot soundtrack or what?

Finally, two more names have been added to the film’s IMDB page. Betting Bilger and Taylor Carr.

Filming continues until October. Still no sign on the rest of the cast!

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  1. You can tell Woody has a flapper fetish. I’m definitely digging this more “girlie” Kristen Stewart look. And Dr Edelson, is that guy Hitchcock incarnate or what?!!

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